Why Instagram Is the New Home for Brands

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Why Instagram Is the New Home for Brands

July 26, 2018 post 0

There is no denying that Facebook is the biggest social media network in the world; however, when it comes to building brand awareness, Instagram is no doubt the place to be. Since its acquisition in 2012, Instagram users have grown almost tenfold.

Today, an increasing number of brands are initiating the shift and focusing their customer relations building on Instagram rather than Facebook. So why is Instagram the new home for brands? It’s due to a number of reasons the most important of which is…

Instagram is Adaptable

What started off as a simple photo-sharing application has grown into a social network with 800 million users because of its ability to adapt to trends and keep innovating in spite of its huge size. A prime example of such adaptability is Instagram’s adoption of the “stories” concept first introduced by Snapchat—a montage of photos and videos that disappear within 24 hours of posting them. Another Snapchat inspired feature added to the application is that of filters. Private messaging, live video sharing and algorithm changes to improve content discovery have all led to increased user growth.

Engagement Rates

Consider your own usage of both Facebook and Instagram and think about where you engage most. Is it on Facebook where you are delivered a ton of varied content, or is it on Instagram which is focused purely on delivering visual content?

Huge as it is, Facebook dominates the advertising market when it comes to providing reach for brands, but the more important metric where Instagram shines is engagement – having an engagement rate almost 3 times as much as Facebook’s on average.

The simple reason behind this is that visual content is, compared to text based content, much easily processed, and has higher retention and emotional response elicitation.

Improved Ad Tools

Starting from 2015, Instagram opened up its gates to brands wishing to advertise and since that time, the platform has adopted much of the same advertising tools used by Facebook. These tools allow brands to filter their audiences with pinpoint accuracy taking into consideration factors like geography and audience interests. Advances in app shopping have allowed businesses to shorten the purchase process for their consumers, making for increased conversion rates.

Having said all this about Instagram, Facebook is still important in its own right and we would never advise anyone to focus purely on any one social media network.

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