What Is Reply Comment On Instagram?

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What Is Reply Comment On Instagram?

May 18, 2018 post 0

Being the most commonly used social media app, Instagram has grown up much in recent times. One of the reasons it has become so popular is that the interactivity between the users. So, following people, making comments, liking other posts are so important as well as sharing posts. When you check out a profile of a user, you can see the number of followers of him and the number of profiles he follows. Although many people want to have followers, some of them don’t want to have followings. So, they get services which provide auto unfollow Instagram. Just as they follow someone, then they auto unfollow Instagram.

How To Reply Comments On Instagram

Apart from auto unfollow Instagram, there are much things to do to increase the popularity of a profile. One of them is replying comments. As we stated above, interactivity between the users is very important on Instagram. Old users of Instagram know that it wasn’t available to reply comments made under their posts. But, it is available anymore.

How Can I Reply A Comment On Instagram

When you see comments made under your post, you will see reply button under each comment. So, you can tap it and reply the comment easily.

What Are The Benefits Of Replying Comments?

Although this feature seems simple, it is much important considering the interactivity between the users. When you reply a comment, the user will be notified and he can reply your comment as well. In this way, a sophisticated dialogue is aimed to be improved between the users. Opinions can be categorised whether they are positive or negative. Especially business accounts can review those comments in different categories and they can reply them in a direct way. Considering this feature is much preferred by the users, we can say Instagram has made a right move by including this.