History of Instagram – How It Became A Billion Dollar App In Two Years

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History of Instagram – How It Became A Billion Dollar App In Two Years

July 20, 2018 post 0

The lovechild of two geeks from Stanford, Instagram has taken over the world. With millions of active users, the app (now owned by Facebook) had humble beginnings back in 2010 before it shot to fame.

Instagram has undeniably changed the way people view photography and interact with one another. They say simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and that’s just one of the top reasons for Instagram’s wide-spread popularity.

Founders of the app—Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger started out by addressing three common grievances regarding photos taken from smartphones. Taking those complains as the starting point, they set out to right the wrongs.

First Complain: “My mobile photos look lame.”

With limited editing options in early smartphones, people complained about how their pictures looked boring. Instagram introduced 11 filters that could transform the look of an image with one click.

Second Complain: “It’s a pain to share to all the friends I care about.”

Instagram provided a simple solution to the sharing problem by linking the app with other social media platforms, making it easier to share photos with whoever they liked.

Third Complain:  “Photos take forever to upload, and viewing them is slow.”

Common issues users faced BI (Before Instagram) was the time it took to upload and share pictures from phone. By reducing the image resolution, Instagram enabled faster uploads. They coupled this with a simple design format that made pictures appear in a timely fashion as you scrolled down the app.

And just like that, Instagram became a world-wide sensation.

In the first 24 hours after the app launched, it saw 25,000 new users. Within a year, that number grew up to a staggering 10 million. Titled the “iPhone App of the Year” by Apple in 2011, celebrities, influential media personalities and even world leaders started flocking to the app.

In 2012, Instagram released its app on Android and saw a million downloads with 24 hours. Within days, the app had buyers, including the social media network giant – Facebook. Instagram was valued at 1 billion when it was acquired by Facebook.

As of 2018, Instagram has one billion users with 500 million daily users.

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