6 Ways You Can Use Instagram IGTV For Marketing Your Brand

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6 Ways You Can Use Instagram IGTV For Marketing Your Brand

July 25, 2018 post 0

With the release of IGTV, Instagram has provided marketers with a long-form video platform, one that might well be able to rival the behemoth YouTube itself!

Anyone who knows about IGTV might question the purpose of our blog post seeing as the application does not feature advertising as at launch. Rest assured even with the lack of advertising there are still ways for brands to market their products/services provided they employ the following strategies in their use of IGTV.

Call to Action

This might seem basic, but fact is that due to IGTV being a new service, there are many who don’t fully understand how the platform works and will remain unaware of the description or links to products you add. Make sure there’s a CTA as early as possible in the video pointing to the description / links to maximize conversion.

Keep it Short

IGTV allows for posting of videos of lengths up to 10 minutes for regular and 60 minutes for accounts with large followings (or verified accounts). However, people tend to have a short attention span when browsing social media so it’s best to avoid maxing out the video length limit. Opt instead for shorter videos of 1 to 3 minutes.


The need for hashtag usage when marketing on Instagram has carried over to IGTV as well. You can and should use hashtags in the description to promote your content. Again, limit your usage and try to only use keywords relevant to your business.

Repurpose Content

Just because there’s a 9:16 ratio limit on the videos doesn’t mean all horizontally shot footage has to be tossed out the window. Many marketers are finding their content works just as well for IGTV when repurposed with vertical backgrounds.

Consider Sound

Videos on IGTV play automatically, so to avoid annoying your viewers or the people around them refrain from using loud introductions or audio cues in your video. You might also consider pandering to the other part of the community that keeps their smart device muted by adding subtitles in your video.

Boost IG Following

Since the “channels” IGTV shows are directly linked to the accounts followed by someone, a service like FollowMeOne can boost your IGTV marketing efforts by providing an immediate boost to your Instagram following.

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