3 Ways Instagram Feed Switch Up Will Impact Your Brand

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3 Ways Instagram Feed Switch Up Will Impact Your Brand

July 19, 2018 post 0

Instagram, like most other social media platforms, is ever-evolving. Call them improvements or challenges, Instagram continuously makes changes to its feed and keeps brands on their toes. It seems like every new year calls for a change of rules.

What’s the new update?

Initially, Instagram feed showed posts in chronological order – from the newest to the oldest. This changed in 2016 when Instagram rolled out an algorithm-based update where users were shown the accounts that they interacted with more on the top of the feed.

The change led to a huge outcry, petitions for change and widespread dissatisfaction among users. Eventually, Instagram gave in and went back to showing posts in chronological order.

On March 2018, Instagram announced: “Based on your feedback, we’re making changes to ensure that newer posts are more likely to appear first in feed.” The company is also playing about with a ‘New Posts’ feature that will let users see the freshest posts on the top of their feedback.

While this constant switching can seem confusing, we are here to explain just how it’ll impact your brand and what changes you need to make to your social media strategy. Let’s take a look!

Master Your Timing

As a marketer, you want your posts to be the first thing users see on the app. Keep a keen eye on the performance of your content and find out the peak times when your followers are most likely to use Instagram.

Once you know the best times of the day, post strategically during those times. This will ensure your posts are seen by the maximum number of followers.

Number of Posts

Posts with more interactions are no longer rewarded by being shown at the top. As Instagram makes fresh posts a priority on the feed again; the frequency of your posts plays a big role in getting the largest audience for your content. Once you have identified the times when your core audience is likely to be online, aim to fire out multiple posts during that time period.

Happy Days Ahead

As Instagram rids itself off the ranking factor and embraces the chronological order again; brands are more likely to see higher engagement by posting on optimal times. As new posts start to show at the top, brands are predicted to see a significant rise in interactions and views.

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